OUR TEAM iWeave comprises a collaborative team of business professionals proficient in Financial Management, Marketing, Negotiations, and Operational Management. This team has received training at various Fortune 100 Corporations, and are now contributing their expertise towards the strategic management of iWeave. Our corporate team comprises diverse and distinguished professionals who contribute to the analytical, creative, financial, and technical results required for our success-oriented culture.  iWeave professionals possess proficient interpersonal skills, in addition to the appropriate technical acumen necessary to interact with a variety of disciplines, including, hair vendors, hair stylists, hair care companies along with accountants, agents, attorneys, and business executives. iWeave International philosophy engenders a professional climate conducive to the development of long term relationships with our customers and vendors. iWeave offer the optimal balance of products and services that is imperative to the formation and consummation of powerful customer relationships. iWeave corporate culture invokes a high standard of competence, ethics, and integrity.  iWeave’s competent and credible organization coupled with our distinguishable logo is rapidly becoming synonymous with superlative products and transformational technology offerings. EndFragment
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