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Welcome to iWeave!


Founded in 2013, iWeave™ International, LLC began with the mission to be the world’s finest hair company by offering superior products and service via a mobile application to people worldwide. iWeave™ is headquarted in Atlanta, GA and has a growing network of associates across the nation. iWeave™ is built around the following principle:

“  Leveraging technology to make beauty accessible.”

Uniting this principle are the following philosophies:

•  Convenience – Mobile technology allows users to purchase hair anytime from anywhere

•  Quality – We provide high quality hair that meets or exceeds consumer expectations

•  Lifestyle – Our brand will be an integral part of the user’s personal style

iWeave™ is an m-commerce application designed for use on smartphones and tablets. The app allows users to photograph themselves, browse through various styles and lengths using our “virtual hairstyler,” and “try on” multiple looks. Once a style is selected, the user can purchase the hair and associated goods directly through the application.

Additionally, iWeave™ users have the ability to: 

 • Post their picture on social networking sites

 • Send picture via SMS and email

 • Upload picture directly to

 • Receive updates regarding products and price specials

iWeave™ is distinct in the fact that it’s the first hair app that allows consumers to go from picture-to-purchase seamlessly. Users no longer have to guess what hair to purchase to achieve a particular look. The app also allows for multiple vendors to sell a variety of products through the platform. This versatility creates the opportunity for iWeave™ to be the one-stop-shop for customers seeking hair and related products.